Mone Divine

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Wendy X.

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Vanda has some very particular ideas about how and when she got fucked - and it just happened to involve the pool in my backyard and a friend of mine. I can't say that I'm opposed to threesomes when the chick is as hot as this. Besides, can anyone really resist a dirty whore as she demands that you fuck her in all her holes?

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Danellia & Cheery

These seductive Latina babes were in the mood to play with each other and me. If there's one thing in life that I absolutely love, it's when I get in the middle of a sexy Latina threesome. They both just rubbed all over me and played with each other, licking their pussies as much as they were riding on cock.

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Tatiana & Fabiane Thompson

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Carol & Jezzel

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Tiash & Carol

These adventurous Latina whores just love to get their lips around big black dick, so I was more than happy to accommodate them. They both tag teamed my shaft, and then of all things Tiash slid her ass right on my shaft. I was just dying there, it felt so fucking good.

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Patty & Lerena

This pair of hotties was also cruising around late one night down by the beach and were ready to rock. We couldnt have asked for a better score. Enjoy the free sample video clip, full length, hi-res movies are inside!

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Astrella & Leticia

Astrella and Leticia might not be the hottest Latinas I've gotten my hands on, but hey, they're horny enough to go for a threesome. That works for me! Plus, what they're lacking up above is made up for down below. Just take a look at those asses - now that's hot as fuck.

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Faith Lamour

I found Faith in the alley behind my office. This chick was not all there. It was obvious something was on her mind, so I put something inside her mouth! Not sure what her trip was but she sure could fuck like a champ!

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Marcella & Livia

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Chanel Chavez

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