Renae Cruz

Renae's pussy is so sweet, some men have said it's licking ice cream. But her hot box isn't just for eating, it's for sticking and the guys say giving it to Renae is like putting in a warm, wet velvet glove. She makes friends fast, but never keeps them, preferring to make the company of new men as they come along. She tires fast and is always looking for something - or someone - new!

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Kayleen & Rita

You have to be pulling my leg. I actually get paid to do shit like this? Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming. These two Latina cuties almost gave me a heart attack. I can handle one girl at a time without a problem. Two and I'm way over my head. It takes an honest brother to be straight up like that. Watch when I shoot my cum all over their faces. It still makes me laugh thinking about it.

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Sandra Soto

Dark-eyed and sultry in her appearance, Sandra wins fans for her lusty Latin looks. She's the kind of girl who's used to getting what she wants from any man she wants. But this lady's not selfish, as she gives the gift that every man would love to get. She gives it up freely and while other ladies are jealous that every man wants what she has to give, she doesn't mind.

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August Night

August came to us asking if we could fulfill a fantasy of hers. She wanted to big black cocks at the same time. She should have known us better. We could give her as many big black cocks as her petite frame could handle. We could have lined guys up for blocks on end to fuck her. We hooked her up with two of our horniest guys. They certainly made a mess all over her pretty face!

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Alexis Love

Like a rare, delicate flower, Alexis' beauty is the first thing anyone notices. But this is no fragile wallflower - no, Alexis is all about business of getting what she wants and for this Latina looker isn't afraid to get to the top of her game. She's not afraid to give men what they want, like in this scene, but only if she gets what she wants, in the end.

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I haven't had my balls licked like this in ages. I've never known a girl that goes straight for the balls like Janet does. My balls needed a good cleaning too. I tapped Janet's ass into shape real quick. I plowed my dark meat inside her spicy shell. I don't know what to say. My cock was in a different world. Almost as if it were zapped by some science fiction shit from a movie. Janet is a very good fuck.

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Ruby Knox

With her smile that's more girl-next-door than sex vamp, Ruby's the kind of girl that doesn't raise any eyebrows when she enters the room. It's for the best, because she likes to keep her freakiness on the downlow. But once she gets her horny motor running, there's no stopping this sexy Latina from bringing it. And bring it she does in this scalding scene!

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Erika certainly knows how to suck a dick. Man, I thought that chick was going to suck the meat from my bone. I never get blowjobs like this when I go back to my hood. I'm lucky to get a blowjob period back in my joint. I couldn't help buy make her pretty face all dirty. I lost focus and shot my load all over her. It took her thirty minutes in the shower to clean up all that cum.

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Ninety Nine

Her name might be Ninetynine, but this dark-haired and dark eyed lovely is No. 1 when it comes to being pleased and giving pleasure. Watch as she takes it all in this scene, with only the hope that she not only pleases her lucky co-star, but the viewers at home as well. Selfless giving like this is not to be missed.

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I needed to get laid so bad. It had been so long, I thought my balls were going to explode. Luckily for my balls, Dominique was in town. Dominique's brother is a friend of mine. I've known him since back in the day. I've banged the shit out of his sister a handful of times. Though, he has no idea. Dominique is the type of Latina that makes you want to run for the border. Where all that nice spicy pussy is.

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Allie Ray

Pretty, petite and brunette Allie Ray has the sort of bedroom eyes that exude sex. For as long as she can remember, men have been coming on to her and the girl can't help it. At first she played hard to get, but it was only a matter of time when the pleasure of th moment caught up with her, and she gave in to temptation.

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Look at the ass on this Latina babe. One look at that ass and I wanted to pound the living shit out of it. Alexandria is one of the craziest chicks I have ever worked with. She went totally crazy over my big black dick. Chicks like her are the reason why I wake up in the morning. Petite cuties that crave cock like a drug addict craves drugs. Even to this day I want to fuck Alexandria at least one more time.

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Baby Doll

Babydoll looks innocent, but she's a really a devil in angel's clothing - a horny devil, that is. She loves showing off for the camera, but what she loves even more than that is putting on a show for the camera and the horny hordes who can't get enough of her Latin slit. Her passion knows no bounds and her hunger knows no end, much to the relief of any man that comes her way.

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Lolita Martinez

I met Lolita while at a buddy's BBQ. I mingled while drinking cold beer and ribs right off the grill. Life doesn't get any better than that. My buddy always has Latina chicks coming over to his house. I can't understand a fucking word they say. I just like to know I fuck them. There are so many of them around here, finding one to fuck is like shooting fish in a barrel.

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Lela Star

Lela was a stunningly flexible Latina babe that just loved to be freaky. I could almost put her feet behind her head, and given that she was still wearing heels that was a pretty kinky proposition. Although we didn't quite get that wild, I Did ram that Latina pussy all night long.

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Carmen Luvana

Carmen has got to be one of the hottest latina hoes ive seen in a long long time. With her bleached blonde hair, she looks like a white girl but her spicy little tight latin shaved snatch gives her away. You gotta check this one out, she's hotter than a mo-fuggin' firecracker! Nice freakin' juggs on this little broad also! Check out her free video below!

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Melisa Rose

Melisa just waltzed into my room naked, like she owned the place. She could own the place if she really wanted - all I wanted to do was fuck that tight pussy of hers. She had a great combination of a tight pussy and just a mouthful tits. She really made my night, which had been going pretty shitty before this.

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Daisy Marie

Get a load of this smoking hot redheaded latina getting a massive sticky load all over her face. Daisy takes two gigantic black cocks deep inside every hole in this video! Sweet little latina barely spoke a word of English but knew just what to do when there were two massive black dicks poking her in the eyes! Free video below!

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