Jaylene Rio

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I know this chick has to have a little black in her. I don't mean my black cock either. Look at her juicy pussy and nice round tits. I could suck on her nipples all day long. Too bad beer doesn't come out of her nipples. She could charge a pretty penny for guys to suck on them if that was the case. Manuche drained my cock like I never expected she would. I damn near fell asleep after I was done with her.

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Leona Dulce

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Silvia's tight little teen body was amazing! Only 18 years old, this hot Mexican cutie was ripe and ready to be plucked! Watch every hole in Sylvia's body get filled with thick hard cock while her tiny little goosebump nipples are getting yanked on! It's amazing that she's only 18 and can already suck a cock like a freakin' champion! Enjoy the movie!

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Paris Maine

Some guys get lucky all the time and always get the prettiest girls to fuck. I'm waving my hand over here, because I happen to be one of them. When we first saw Paris she was working as a cashier at the local store, but I instantly had other ideas after meeting her. I asked her if she had every been asked to model lingerie, and she said no, but that if I had something, she may give me a call sometime. I gave her my card, and I wasn't sure if she would call, but she did, and then came down to the studio. I told her we did all sorts of things there, starting with the lingerie modeling, but then also maybe some soft porn, even some hardcore if the girls were interested. Well, she must have had that in mind, because she immediately asked if she could give the hardcore stuff a try. Down boy down! I was having a rough time containing my stiff dick... and well, just keep watching our video...

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Duda & Talita del Rio

Two more hot latina lovedolls to spice up your day! These two girls were so hungry for the cock they were fighting over it like a couple of wild chihuahuas on a tube steak! No worries though, there's about 13" to share so plenty to go around. You're not going to want to miss out on this one! Enjoy the free video trailer!

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Vanessa Cruz

When you've got a sexy ass latin babe wanting to suck your dick, you give a couple of high 5's and then pop out the stick, right? That's exactly what I did when Vanessa came into the studio! She said she loved sucking black cocks, and I had no problem giving her mine. I love the hot lips on latin chicks, because these girls really know how to keep the temperature rising! You'll love watching Vanessa in this shoot, and just remember, it was my dick that she enjoyed....

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Mimi Allen

Mimi is always fun to have around, because this curly-haird mexican girl is always smiling, no matter what you ask her to do, she's more than willing! I think she's really got a kinky side that she tries to hide, but that's just my opinion. Anyway, wanted to do a couple of scenes with a latin slut, and Mimi was available, so she came down to the studio. Told her what I had in mind, and before I could say take one - she's got her clothes off and is pulling my zipper down! See, I told you I thought she really has this hidden kinky side.. see for yourself as you watch our videos...

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Victoria Sweet

We found Victoria on our recent trip to Rosarito Beach, Mexico! She was our waitress at the local taco stand and she wanted to come with us after lunch to serve us with her own special pink taco surprise! Check out the pussy on this chica! It was like a mother fucking suction cup... and DAMN could she suck a hella fine dick! Enjoy!

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Gina Lopez

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Vivianni & Lorena

Vivianna and Lorena love black cock so bad, they did this scene just for the fun of it! Hell, they probably would've paid me! I wanted to bring these girls back to the USA, but immigration told me they had to stay. Oh well, I got plenty more where these came from! Enjoy the video you're going to love it!

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Jade Dream

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Alini & Amanda

Double your pleasure with these two hotties from across the border. Not a word of English out of these two, just a couple sets of juicy lips and slippery snatches! I busted a nut in my pants just filming this one! No joke! Of course I got my share later on that day anyhow though! Check it out, you're going to love these two! Enjoy!

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Sophia Layne

If you ever make it out my way, look up this cute girl by the name of Sophia Layne. Just don't let those glasses and innocent smile fool you because this chiquita is definitely not innocent! She wanted to do some modeling and I said sure, but apparently she had something else in mind, because when she got to the studio, she said she had been watching me in some porn flicks and wanted to get a chance to fuck me too! Damn, what's a nice guy like me to do? Well, her latin pussy is hot, and Sophia definitely is not an innocent girl like I first thought! She's one nasty little latin whore, and we had a great time filming these scenes!

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Jasmine Byrne

Jasmine is probably one of the hottest Mexi's yet. Probably the tightest little tiny pussy I've seen, getting fucked by a good sized stiff black cock! This girl just couldn't get enough, she choked herself with the cock like she was a starving girl who hadn't eaten in days! You're just going to love this one!

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Samira Kiss

Samira doesn't know when to stop! I'm totally fucking serious! She's one hot young spanish chick that only knows the word "yes" - and she'll keep telling you over and over, yes, yes, yes - guess it means I'm doing something right then, huh? When you get a chance to fuck latin pussy, you want to fuck a chicquita like Samira, because she does anything and everything! Her bald twat is perfect, tight, wet, and expands to any size dick! When you want her to suck your dick, just point, and her mouth goes over your cock and she loves it! She's one babe I loved fucking, and I hope to see her again and get a little more of her hot latin pussy!

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She's a Latina lady that I recently met. Gabby is well known for being a slut. Though, this was my first run in with her. I can see how she got such a reputation. She also doesn't shut the fuck up. Unless you fill her mouth with a big fat black cock. I've never heard a chick talk so much in my life. That could be why she calls herself "Gabby". I don't know. Once she shuts up, she's a great fuck. Look at my scene and you'll know what I'm talking about.

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