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Mary Jane

Mary Jane is a ton of fun to have around. Whenever I feel like shit, she'll come over and fuck me. Whenever I am bored, she comes over and I fuck her. When I..well you get the idea. Whenever I want it, she'll just come over and let me have her any way I want her. That's the mark of a good friend right there.

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Jasmine Byrne

Jasmine is the type of chick that I always love to have in my room. She is full of energy, and she is shortly going to be filled with my spunk. How can you deny that combination? She was especially interested in wrapping her pussy around my black dick, working her lips smoothly up and down my shaft.

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Lauren & Nicole

Lauren and Nicole were two totally crazy and horny Latina sluts that just blew my mind when they started fucking with each other. They also had some totally beautiful asses that I got to finger while I fucked them. Now that's what I call some full service whoring.

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Dee had these really sweet natural tits that caught my eye right away - and then she bent over to show me her ass. I was in love right away, admiring the hell out of that tight butthole and glorious booty. Not only that, she was all for getting her shit fucked by me, which just made my entire day.

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Jade just started taking her clothes off on my back porch - what was I supposed to say about that? Well, I didn't really say anything - instead I just fucked the hell out of her sweet pussy. It was shaved with just a little dollop of hair right at the top. I don't know why, but that just looked sexy as hell and drove me crazy.

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Perla is one freaky Latina whore - just how I like them. She has a stellar body, a sexy attitude, and she has no problems sleeping with me. A real winner, that one! We started off pretty slow, but soon enough she just goes nuts on my nuts.

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Sasha & Lerena

Sasha and Lerena are two of the best Latina sluts I have ever met. They might not be the hottest, but when I get to fuck two chicks at the same time I'm not asking for perfect 10s. Their pussies were incredible as is, and they both had some serious cock sucking skills that made my dick very happy.

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Carla & Jennifer

Carla and Jennifer were these completely willing and totally sexy Latina whores who were in the mood for a threesome. I was, of course, more than willing to accommodate their lusty desires. I also enjoyed the hell out of slapping Carla's hot and fucking incredible ass.

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Varina had one of the tightest pussies I have ever experienced. I just plowed right into it, stretching it out further than she has ever experienced before. She really loved feeling my black dick just go harder and faster on her. By the end of the night she could not even walk.

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Stephany has been dying to get her lips around a big black dick, so I just had to accommodate her. She was all over my cock from the second I got in the room, but it turns out that a blowjob wasn't all she was willing to give. She gave up that sweet ass of hers to me as well, letting me gape her open wide.

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