Angel & Giselle

It's always been one of my dreams to have a pair of totally hot Mexican babes to suck me off. It looks like today is time for my dreams to come true, because Angel and Giselle just dove right in. I don't think I've ever seen a pair of chicks manage to take someone's pants off that quick before...

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Silvia is one incredibly kinky Latina whore - she just loves getting her ass filled up. One black dick wasn't enough for her though - she made me go and find my friend to help me rail her. While that should have pissed me off, it ended up just making me hot as fuck. I made sure that she went away happy and sore.

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Precious Girl

Precious was seriously so sweet that I never imagined she would want to suck my cock the first time I asked her. It turns out I awakened her inner whore, so she nearly leapt up to attack my dick. I certainly wasn't about to argue, plus she was all for doggy style. When a Latina chick loves doggy style, you know that you have a good thing going.

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Victoria and her big ass just made my day. I mean, plenty of Latinas have good asses, and still more have great asses, but V has a perfect ass. I just had to get my hands on that bouncing booty, especially when she said she was all good with me slapping it and fucking with it.

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Angel Amore

I just fell in love with this Latina babe the second I saw her. She was just way too much - hell I even thought she might be out of my league. Luckily, it turns out that she is totally cum addicted. So I have this perfect 10 Latina babe gladly sucking me off before she literally flings herself right on top of my dick. Today is definitely a good day.

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Ava Ramon

I ran into Eva on the streets, and next thing I know we ended up back at my place with her lips wrapped around my dick. Now that's what I call fast service! She sucked me off nice and good, so I just had to reward this horny Latina with my fat cock. I gave it to her all night long and got her soaking wet.

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Gladys was into all sorts of freaky shit, which made me want to fuck her as hard as I possibly could. I know my limitations, however, so I brought along a friend to help me completely satisfy this wild Latina. She got pounded in both holes and absolutely loved that shit, bucking and moaning between both of us.

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Anyissa & Sara Pena

Could you believe that these two Mexican whores never even saw black dick before? How does that work exactly? No matter - I was glad to be the first to give them a big dick ebony railing in their bedrooms, although they were nearly fighting over my cock. Catfighting in the middle of a threesome - now my most favorite thing ever.

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Christina de la Monte

Christina didn't strike me as being Latina right off the bat, but when I took a look at her ass I knew that was the only thing she could be. She was all over me in bed, running her tongue up and down my dick and driving me crazy with her mouth. She loved when I started pounding the hell out of her pussy.

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Roxy & Sophia Castello

Roxy and Sophia are two of my favorite Latinas - they have great asses, great tits, and know how to treat a brotha right. I don't think I managed to take my eyes off of those booties the entire time, though - they were just too damn good.

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Toni Chavez

Toni is sweet, sexy, and I never in a million years would have thought she'd want to be on camera and fucking. I'm glad to see that I was wrong about that, because not only was she sporting a tramp stamp, she also had one of the finest asses I have ever seen before.

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Flavia & Taise

Flavia and Taise are two of the freakiest Latinas I know, so I invited them over for some hot group sex. Not only did I talk them into getting fucked side by side, I also talked them into fucking right on the pool table. That's been one of my fantasies for a long long time.

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Vivianni had always wanted to try out black dick, so I decided to give her a chance at gobbling down ebony meat. She was hitting on me and my friend, but of course she ended up on my couch. I got one damn good blowjob from her before we went inside, where she decided to jump up on my lap and start grinding her pussy against me.

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Cacilda & Cicine

These petite Latina hotties had the dirtiest threesome fantasies I think I've ever heard come out of a girl's mouth. So, of course, I had to make these fantasies become a reality. I fucked both of these chicks like they had never been fucked before, bending them over and slamming my cock right into these wet and willing pussies.

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Sharon & Lohina

Sharon and Lohina were off the hook - these Latina whores wanted to get hot and nasty, starting off with spit swapping and then moving towards deepthroating my dick one at a time. They go wild on my dick, and I got to ride one then the other until my dick was fucking sore.

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Sange & Isabella

Sange and Isabella were wearing some truly sexy bikinis that didn't hide much of their marvelous Latina bodies. I was pretty sure they were going to say no when I introduced the idea of a threesome. It was pretty damn surprising when not only did they say yes, but they went right to my house to begin the fun.

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Dara & Lauren

This pair of Mexican hotties stopped by for a quick drink but ended up with my stiff dick in both of their pussies. I have to admit that I have one hell of an addiction for Latina hotties - but when you see women as sexy as this all the time wouldn't you want to just fuck them all day and night too?

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Gabby had these perfect little tits that I wanted to suck on all day and night. Most Latinas I run across have a lot more than a mouthful when it comes to boobies, so it can be hard to find a somewhat flat chested chick when I'm in the mood for it. Gabby certainly came through there, and she was more than eager to show her appreciation to me - after all, not ever guy is more than happy with B cups.

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